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The software listed on this page is all available free of charge.

Fognog Software accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind caused by running any of the applications downloaded from this site.  Only download software if you agree to these terms.

BatMon - Windows CE 3.0 Only.  Do not install on PocketPC 2002 or above

This is a little utility that displays the Pocket PC's battery strength as a bar on the Today screen.  A fully charged battery is shown as a green line stretching across the screen.  As the charge drops, the line gets shorter and gradually turns red.  When the PocketPC is charging or the strength is unknown, the line appears blue.

BatMon 2k2 - PocketPC 2002 and PocketPC 2003

This utility displays the current battery status in the notification bar at the top of the PocketPC's screen.  The bettery charge is shown as an icon.  The icon flashes when the battery is charging and changes to a plug when the battery is fully charged and the PocketPC is on AC power.

ICBM - Works on all HPC, HPC-Pro, PPC and PocketPCs.

The original ICBM game.  Protect your six cities from the incoming enemy ICBMs.  Touch the screen to fire your lasers, but don't waste shots, because each laser tower only has 50 shots.  Enemy planes and satellites will fly overhead, destroy them before they get chance to fire at you.  Enemy bombs require a direct hit to be destroyed.  At the end of each attack wave, you get a bonus depending upon the number of remaining cities and shots.  You get a bonus city for every 10000 points.  The game ends when all six cities are destroyed.

Lights On! - Works on all HPC, HPC-Pro, PPC and PocketPCs.

Lights On! is a puzzle game played on a 5x5 grid.  At the start of each level, a number of lights in the grid will be turned off. The object of the game is to get all the lights turned on.  To do this, you touch a light to turn it on or off.  However, the four lights above, below and either side will also invert.

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Last updated on 14/01/2004