Tangerine Microtan 65
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The display is made up of 16 rows of 32 characters, in a contiguous block starting at address 0200.  Characters are sequential, the first line beginning at address 0200, the next at 0220, and so on:

0200 0201 ... 021E 021F
0220 0221 ... 023E 023F
03C0 03C1 ... 03DE 03DF
03E0 03E1 ... 03FE 03FF

A single character cell may be either an ASCII character or a "chunky graphic" character.  Reading from address BFF0 causes subsequent writes to the display to appear as chunky graphics.  Writing to BFF3 causes subsequent characters to appear as ASCII characters.  It is not possible to determine whether a particular character is being displayed as an ASCII character or a chunky character.


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