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Here are a couple more games that I've found and converted.  They are also now included in the full download.  Defender came from a 4 page hex dump that my sister found in her loft, so I'm hoping that there's more there!


Written by Geoff Macdonald

Escape from the robot controlled complex.  Shoot the robots in each room to reach the exit.  Don't touch the walls - they're electrified   Don't take too long otherwise a bouncing ball thing will come to get you.  You always shoot in the direction you last ran.

Key control uses the hex keypad - so switch keyboard (icons at the top of the window) as soon as the program starts.

Cursor keys to move and Space to fire.




Written by Geoff Macdonald

Kill all the aliens (surprise, surprise) to protect the humans.  If an alien kidnaps a human and gets it to the top of the screen, it is turned into a mutant.  The blobs at the top of the screen are a radar.  Catch the falling humans for bonus points.

Left shift is thrust, left Ctrl is fire, up/down to move up/down, right to change direction and left to fire smart bomb.



Copyright (C) 1999-2002 by Geoff Macdonald

Last updated 03/09/2002