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Tansoft Gazette 

The Tansoft Gazette was published by Tangerine to serve as a contact with Tangerine users - a function which had previously been undertaken by the Tangerine Users Group (TUG).

Issue 1 - October/November 1981 (835kB)


Microtan World

This magazine was published by Microtanic Computer System after they bought the rights to the Microtan from Tangerine.  It was written by Microtan users and contained articles on using the system, building add-on's and reviews of hardware and software.

Issue 1

Issue 1 - April/May 1983 (436 kB)


Issue 2

Issue 2 is not available :-(  Anyone got a copy?


Issue 3

Issue 3 - August/September 1983 (983kB)


Issue 4

Issue 4 - October/November 1983 (1.12MB)


Issue 5

Issue 5 - December 1983/January 1984 (1.2MB)

Issue 6

Issue 6 - February/March 1984 (1.6MB)


Computing Today (CT) Magazine

This was available in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  It gave hardware and software reviews, programming tutorials and program listings for many of the popular computers of the time.

Here are two of the articles which appeared for the Microtan system.

  • Space Invasion (285kB) is the original article for the Space Invaders clone - included in Games Pack 1.
  • Life Gun (94kB) is an extension to the life game which appeared in the Microtan 65 manual.  Initial entry for the cells in the original was a bit limited, and this routine got around that problem.

Electronics Today International (ETI) Magazine

ETI was the sister magazine to CT, concentrating on hardware articles and projects.


Your Computer Magazine

This was a general computer magazine providing news and reviews.


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