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This is a full featured Microtan 65 emulator, designed to run on an IBM compatible PC running Windows 95, 98, NT4 or 2000.

It emulates a Microtan with the following specification:

  • 6502 at 0.75MHz, 1.5MHz and 3MHz
  • 44kB RAM
  • XBUG
  • Dual AY8912 sound card (giving 6 channels sound + 2 channels noise)
  • Space Invasion sound hardware
  • Two 6522 VIAs
  • Very basic 6510 serial port emulation + terminal
  • Hex keypad or full ASCII keyboard
  • Full backplane providing paged memory
  • 3 Hi-Res (256x256) graphic cards giving 8 colour display

In addition, it can load files generated using a two-pass assembler.  The system is fully emulated, including interrupts and the Microtan's single-step facility.  To aid program development, a program trace, memory access breakpoint and memory access table facilities are provided.

The emulator, games and a two-pass assembler can be downloaded from Software Downloads.

If you want to have a go at writing programs for the Microtan emulator, have a look at the magazine articles - there's lots of information and examples there to get you started.

Work in Progress

  • Scramble clone - I can't find the original tape, so I'm writing it again.  It's been a while (15 years?) since I did any 6502, so wish me luck!


Fabrice Frances

...for running the many, many versions that stopped his machine working and for help and ideas as to why!

Dean Hickingbottom

...for encouragement and beta testing.

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