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Microsoft Mouse Loose for IBM PC - May 1983

The IBM Personal Computer has trapped itself a mouse. Chasing the Lisa bandwagon, Microsoft has released a mouse-compatible word processing package...

...and Microsoft Opens Windows - December 1983

Windows on micros are about to become one of the biggest promotional drives since the double glazing boom. The reason? Microsoft Windows is going to be standard equipment on the micros of 23 manufacturers...

Tall Trees Pack Memory into PC Trunk - January 1984

The 640K memory barrier for the IBM PC has been broken. Advanced Peripheral Products, which specialises in importing tried and tested PC peripherals from the US, is now marketing the Tall Trees Systems JRAM card...

Atari Slugs it out with Commodore - October 1984

The gloves are now well and truly off as Atari and Commodore slug it out in their Wild West showdown.  When the dust settles - some time next year - the micro market will look vastly different from its present layout...

Compunet Users are Liable - October 1984

If something appears on a bulletin board that is illegal, libelous or offensive who carries the can - the bulletin board operator or the person who uploads the information?..

If Your Name is MUD, it's for You - August 1985

British Telecom turns dungeons and dragons into big business next month with the launch of its Multi User Dungeon...


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