Tangerine Microtan 65


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I accept no liability for any loss or damage of any kind caused by running any of the applications downloaded from this site.  Only download software if you agree to these terms.

Unless otherwise stated, all software has been written by and is copyright Geoff Macdonald.

All programs are compressed using PkZip - you will need to download a suitable decompression tool (such as WinZip or WinAce) to extract them.

Current version is 1.1 - 6th June 2000

Game pack 2 added on 26th April 2001

Full package (378k)

  • Microtan emulator program
  • Two-Pass assembler
  • Microtan ROMs
  • All current games

Current Emulator (266k)

  • Microtan emulator program
  • Microtan ROMs

Games Pack 1 (52k)

  • Requires version 1.0 or later to run

Games Pack 2 (10k)

  • Requires version 1.0 or later to run

Two-Pass Assembler (57k)

Written by Kevin Acres


Copyright (C) 1999-2002 by Geoff Macdonald

Last updated 30/08/2002